Mes travaux

I leave a large part of work to spontaneous expression. I have the need to confront and meet my various works as both a series and sets.

Some peices remain solitary and may stay that way but that lonely status may one day change and join a new series.

Singles (28)

These are works which could in the course of time be part of any series, but they are still, in the meantime, as such, solitary.

Groups (31)

These are works that have been designed from the outset as sets. They are in a diptych, triptych or polyptych. They are about the same as sequences or different angles.

Series (4)

Collections of work put together over time, spread over several weeks, months or years. They tend to have a similar look or inspire the same feeling.

Accordion Books (3)

Accordion art books. Each page is a new discovery but as a whole forms a single work complete work of art.