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Michel Tosca


Graduate Studies in Arts and History
Professional career at the Ministry of Culture and abroad as director of the French Institute of Ankara.

A big thank you to those who have developed my artistic interest in me and to whom I owe a passion that is not yet extinct.



References and influences

Diving into symbolist, surreal, fantastic universes from my adolescence.

A fascination with informal art and abstract expressionism.

A love of classical Chinese painting that cultivates interiorization and expression, spiritual reflection and the wonder at the living.

Revelation of the small format and the miniature: Surprise and joy of having found in the practice of miniature and small format a space as strong as that of the large format.

Taste of spontaneous expression, randomness and automatic writing.

Unfailing attachment to the tools of engraving and writing withpen and drypoint andinks.


From painting to newspaper


My pictorial approach has always been related to that of writing, I paint but I have the feeling to write. It's a long-standing process that has led me from my early days to using almost only black and white. Even if for quite some time the color took place in my work it had to deal with the constraints imposed by the supports that I use, especially paper. Pastel was my favorite medium.

Every new white page is for me the occasion for a new adventure. It is led by the call of the unexpected signs that take shape before me. They impose their meaning or not. What I am looking for ? It is to let me surprise, to fix the unexpected like this, in so doing I discovered myself.

It's a kind of diary it seems to me. It is populated by everything that inhabits my world: emotions, reflections, spontaneities, thoughts, poetry, music. Organic, material, mineral or vegetable life take an important place as much as the sureal worlds that I enjoy .



From the newspaper to the stories

The more time passes, the more I am attracted by the desire to present what I might call narratives. I seek to confront works which, in my eyes, offer bonds of affinity, continuity, sequential bonds, and assemble them in different forms according to the power they exercise over me. No longer considered individually, they take on a new meaning and value that I strive to cultivate and reveal. These are, in a sense, narratives in this sense that the ties that are established between them tell something. Thus are born diptychs, triptychs, polyptychs or any other form of composite narratives. Among these last the book is a singular avatar of my adventure, it is the vehicle dedicated to the writing.


"I write therefore I paint" or "I paint so I write"?


I am tempted by the idea of ​​making a book, such as the artist's book - but without text. At the same time, I am inspired by the idea of ​​producing a plastic work, conceived, moreover, like the book, as a sequence of sequences. Thus the paths and the worlds of writing and those of plastic expression confront me.

The power that this confrontation exercises over me surely finds its source in the constant use that I always had of the tools of writing as well as my taste for the graphic form and the notion of narrative. All these reasons come together, intermingle to the point of forgetting or even erasing the boundaries between these two modes of expression. I paint but I feel like writing
I am driven by the need and desire to write but the culmination of this desire instead of taking a literary form takes on a plastic form. There is in me, on the one hand, a Being closer to the writer and on the other, a Being closer to the visual artist. They do not use the same language but they seek to work together.



The exhibition


The exhibition presents work carried out from 2013 to 2017. Approximately one-third of them are in 2017.
The works are presented by groupings reflecting a certain diversity of my interests and their treatment over the last five years.
All forms are present, from diptych to book, through triptychs and composite narratives.
The works are not titled.



Recent exhibitions

2010 - Salon des petits formats de Lencloître, Cité internationale universitaire de Paris

2011 - Galerie Mary Ann à Mâcon

2012 - Galerie La Source à Fontaine-les-Dijon

2013 - Portes ouvertes des ateliers du 6ème arrondissement de Paris, Les Hivernales de Montreuil, espace Christian Noorbergen. Salon du livre d'artiste Pages à Paris

2015 - Espace Expression, Banque populaire d'Auxerre

2016 - Galerie L'Arrivage à Troyes

2017 - Château de Marnay, Frangy-en-Brese